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    Find you're favorite MAS Jewelz gemstone meaning here.


    Amazonite – Balance | Protector | Intuition

    Amazonite Is A Strong Protector. The Stone Works In A Calming Way And Offers Balance When In Grief, Fear, Sorrow And Mourning. It Offers Wisdom And Intuition In Balance.


    Blackstone New Start | Own Needs | Planning

    A New Start. Stimulates Paying Attention To Your Inner Being And Own Needs. Promotes The Careful Planning Of Something New.

    Blue agate

    Blue Agate – Protector | Peace | Spirtituality

    Blue Agate Is A Grounding And Protective Stone. It Promotes Inner Peace And A Calm Attitude. The Stone Stimulates Spiritual Growth.

    Blue quartz

    Blue Quartz – Brightness | Discipline | Creativity

    Eliminates Confusion Trough Mental Clarity And Self-Discipline. Alleviates Anxiety And Stimulates Creativity.

    Green aventurine

    Green Aventurine – Luck | Motivation | Decisiveness

    Invites Prosperity And Happiness. Motivates You To Make Dreams Come True. Increases Decisiveness.


    Hematite – Energy | Courage | Willpower

    Renewed Energy, Courage And Joie De Vivre. Gives Support In Difficult Times. Boosts Willpower.


    Bronzite – Protective | Confidence | Honesty

    Powerful Protector, Promotes Confidence And Assertiveness. Invites Honesty. Gives A Feeling Of Inner Peace And Harmony.


    Howlite – Peace | Inventiveness | Creativity

    Relieves Tension And Strengthens Memory. Makes Inventive And Promotes Creativity.


    Labradorite – Power | Confidence | Peace

    Gives Strength, Perseverance And Self-Confidence. Helps With Fatigue. Stimulates Creativity.

    Lapis lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli – Peace | Honesty | Creativity

    Spiritual Stone, Provides Inner Peace And Tranquillity. Brings Truthfulness And Sincerity. Has A Positive Effect On Creativity And Relationships.


    Larvkite – Protective | Energy | Calming

    Protective Stone. Makes Patient And Calm. Larvikite Rejects Negative Energy.


    Lava – Vigor | Courage | Perseverance

    Increases Willpower, Courage And Strength. Encourages You To Take Action And To Persevere In Achieving Goals.

    Light amethyst

    Light Amethyst – Protector | Insight | Honesty

    Protective And Purifying Effect. The Stone Helps Us To See Ourselves As We Really Are And To Be Honest.

    Moss agate

    Moss Agate – Stability | Peace | Relaxation

    Brings Stability And Calmth. Makes You See The Important Things Within Yourself, Dispels Fears And Helps You To Relax.

    Mother of pearl

    Mother Of Pearl – Peace | Understanding | Wisdom

    The Mellow And Purifying Energy Of Pearl Brings Serenity, Peace And Relief. It Stimulates Qualities Such As Honesty, Understanding And Wisdom. It Helps To Let Go Of Stress And Negative Emotions.

    Picture jasper

    Picture Jasper – Protective | Courage | Combative

    Protective Stone. Helps You To Stand Up For Yourself, Brings Courage. Reduces Fear Of Conflict And Helps You To Persevere.

    Pink opal

    Pink Opal – Optimistic | Creativity | Loyalty

    Makes You Cheerful, Optimistic And Creative, Faithful And Loyal. Pink Opal Has A Strong Social Aura.

    Purple aventurine

    Purple Aventurine – Empathy | Relaxation | Induviduality

    Stimulates Individuality And Conceiving Ideas. Helps You To Relax And Calm Down If Angry, Annoyed Or Irritated.

    Rose quartz

    Rose Quartz – Empathy | Openness | Calmth

    Has A Mild, Calming Influence. It Has A Soothing Effect On Sorrow And Promote Empathy, Openness And Helpfulness.


    Serpentine – Balance | Positivity | Peace

    Brings Body And Soul In Harmony. Helps To Keep Negative Energy Away. Has A Calming Effect If You Suffer From Stress.


    Sodalite – Trust | Calmth | Harmony

    Grounding And Protective. Helps You To Go For Things And Reduces Fear Of Conflicts.


    Sodalite – Trust | Calmth | Harmony

    Promotes Inner Peace. Strengthens Harmony, Trust And Loyalty.

    Strawberry quartz

    Strawberry Quartz – Love | Thankfulness | Enjoy

    Strawberry Quartz Is A Spiritual Stone. It Strengthens Love, Generosity And Gratitude. It Helps You To Enjoy Things To The Full.


    Turquoise – Protector | Insight | Creativity

    Purifying And Protective Stone. Brings Calm, Insight And Boosts Creativity. Shows That You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness.

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